CryoPush Foot / Ankle Kit


Secure envelopes give you relief exactly where you need it most. And the removable gel packs can be used repeatedly.

Documents to download :


Based on the RICE protocol (Rest Ice Compression Elevation), the cold alternating compression system is the ideal tool to optimize your recovery.

The module generates an alternating compression of 0 to 100mm of mercury.
It can also be used in "Alternate compression only" or "Alternate compression + cold pack" mode.

More efficient
Designed with gel packs and larger size, bringing better effect.

Rotary design
Allows the tube to move freely or relax, without bending or leaking.

Anatomy design
Easy to wear and more comfortable.

Waterproof exterior
Covered with waterproof material, easy to clean and greatly reduces condensation.

Never apply cold packs directly to the skin!