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Everything in our body is connected by an extremely flexible fascia structure. Fascia training consists of self-massage with massage roller and other accessories. This can help relieve tension, muscle pain and inflammation and increase mobility and therefore performance. The massage roller is thus an ideal companion before and after training. The results of current studies as well as the positive experiences of millions of individuals speak for training with the massage roller.
Fascia is the most common connective tissue in our body. They surround, not only the muscles, but also almost all the structures of our body. Bones, nerves, organs, blood vessels and more. One of the main functions of fascias is to eliminate friction between surfaces, in order to promote optimal sliding of the different structures over each other. An unhealthy lifestyle, insufficient or one-sided movement, injury or excessive stress can cause adhesions (sticking) in our body. Our movements, postures and our general quality of life are then limited. Fascia tissue almost sticks together and loses elasticity. This can lead to feelings of stiffness, tension imbalances, and pain. Targeted fascia training can help dissolve these adhesions, soften the fascia and restore the integrity of hardened connective tissue. Fascia training with the massage roller can relieve pain and improve overall well-being.
The massage roller can help improve the circulation of blood and lymph. The used liquid is evacuated more quickly and the tissue can thus be refilled with fresh, nutrient-rich liquid. Imagine a sponge that you squeeze so that it can absorb clean water again. Improving blood circulation and stimulating lymphatic flow can thus positively influence regeneration. Scientists also support this hypothesis.
For optimal physical and mental health, it is important that our sympathetic nervous system (activating nerve) and our parasympathetic nervous system (resting nerve) cooperate as well as possible. Unfortunately, in our modern societies where performance is everything and most people have busy schedules, the sympathetic nerve often wins out. This results in permanent stress, which is very bad for the fascia system. Interestingly, it also works the other way around. If our fascias are under tension, we feel restless and stressed. This is where fascia training comes in: if our fascias are less tense, our level of psycho-emotional stress also decreases. Have you ever experienced the feeling of relaxation that follows a massage? With massage rollers and other self-massage accessories, we can also take advantage of this effect.


Stimulate the regeneration of your muscles with our recovery and activation solutions. Massage rollers and guns reduce and prevent tension-related pain and sustainably improve your mobility.


Thanks to its elastic, the recovery cushion adapts optimally to the natural sleeping position and thus prevents tension in the shoulders and neck.

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Whether at the gym, in your own living room, in the park or on the road, get a functional workout with the fitness and training accessories.


Discover our Recovery catalog where you will find all our ranges specific to sports recovery.

Discover our Post-Op catalog where you will find all our ranges specific to post-operative recovery.

Discover our Recovery catalog where you will find all our ranges specific to sports recovery.

Discover our Recovery catalog where you will find all our ranges specific to sports recovery.