Foot Pack


The pack contains:

  • A Cryotherapy foot lifting splint,
  • A SONOV sock with articulated orthosis,
  • Shower protector



The Foot Pack OPTIMUM supports your postoperative recovery from the end of the operation until the removal of the first dressing thanks to the cryotherapy foot lifting splint, then throughout your recovery thanks to the sock SONOV. (Download the documentation)

Indeed, cryotherapy foot lifting splint (Download the documentation) is particularly effective in providing both an analgesic effect, reducing inflammation and edema, while helping to reduce hematomas. It is thus an extremely effective aid in postoperative rehabilitation.

Subsequently, one week after removing the first dressing, the sock SONOV will take over. It is indeed a medical device for restraining the forefoot, which will help fight against the development of edema during the day.  

A corrective articulated orthosis for the night is also provided in the box. Don't forget to indicate your usual size.

Finally, a shower protector for feet allows you to take a shower without the risk of wetting the bandage and the scar.