Who are we ?

          ORTHONOV is a French company which was created in June 2016. ORTHONOV designs, manufactures and markets compressive cryotherapy medical devices, dedicated to the postoperative management of orthopedic surgery.

          After the development of the very first cryotherapy forefoot splint on the market, several knee splint models were added to the product offering. These devices make it possible to fight against edema and postoperative bleeding, while providing an analgesic effect.

          Quickly, the ICENOV range was completed by the TALARIA ankle brace, to destination not only for postoperative recovery but also for the management of ankle sprains.

          2020 marked a turning point in the history of ORTHONOV, since aware of our role to play in the French industrial fabric, we have decided to give priority to French companies. So, all design, development and manufacture have since been carried out in France, thus meeting the wishes of the founders.

          It is in this demanding and committed state of mind that the EXCELL'ICE range of splints has been developed, offering a new concept that combines compression and cryotherapy in a single device. Each product in the range has been designed in partnership with a multidisciplinary team made up of surgeons and physiotherapists specializing in sports and prosthetic surgery.


          ORTHONOV's objective is to continue to design innovative products, placing the needs of the patient and the requirements of the nursing staff at the heart of its priorities. Tous the initiated and future projects will be carried out in collaboration with French manufacturers, and in partnership with leading healthcare professionals specializing in orthopedic surgery.