Shoulder Brace - Should'ICE


Compressive cryotherapy splints EXCELL'ICE have been specially studied and designed to facilitate recovery after surgery, trauma, postoperative care of shoulder surgery (prosthesis, rotator cuff, abutment, etc.), shoulder trauma, or after sporting activity.



Compressive cryotherapy splints EXCELL'ICE combine the benefits of compression and cryotherapy. They are therefore particularly effective in providing both an analgesic effect, reducing inflammation and edema, while helping to reduce hematomas. They are thus an extremely effective aid for rehabilitation and can be used both in the postoperative protocols RRAC, RAAC or Rapid Recovery… as well as for the management of pain felt during the occurrence of sprains (RICE protocol), tendonitis, muscle strains… or to recover after a sporting activity.

The Should'ICE compression vest is particularly recommended for care postoperative shoulder surgery (prosthesis, rotator cuff, thrust bearing, etc.). Analgesic, anti-oedematous, anti-haemorrhagic effects.


Extra cold pack - SHOULDER