BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND SET orange, green, blue


LOOP BANDS elastics are an innovation in the fitness elastics market and have been specially developed for the training of small muscle chains.



Set of three LOOP BANDs in light, medium and heavy strengths.

Targeted training of these muscles reduces the risk of injury and improves your body statics. You also use the training belt to work muscles that are not used at all or only marginally in other sports.

LOOP BANDS elastic bands are a flexible and handy training accessory that can be used anywhere you want to do a little sport. You can use it at home, during the lunch break at the office or after work, in a park. The developed training elastic has a length of 32 centimeters which you can use for many different exercises flexibly.

This involves the use of a textile material that ensures greater training comfort. At the same time, the textiles used are particularly skin-friendly and have a pleasant feel even after prolonged use. You will receive BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS rubber bands with different resistance levels. The orange model gives you light resistance, the green model medium resistance and the blue model high resistance. 

Functional training with LOOP BANDs

Whether in the gym, in your own living room, in the park or on the road – the BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS enable functional training wherever you want to do something for your fitness and special muscle chains. Thanks to the natural rubber woven into skin-friendly textile fibres, you won't have irritating tightness on the skin during training and there will be no more redness on the surface of the skin. At the same time you can change each day which have been and the scope of training. Due to the many design possibilities of the exercises, you will not be bored during training and it will be fun for you to stay in shape in a targeted way.

  • Before each training session, checked that the training elastics are not damaged and only allow equipment intact.
  • Go slowly into the workout and use a low resistance LOOP BAND.
  • Step by step you can increase the range of your exercises and switch to models with higher resistance.
  • A ready and steady pace is important when doing your exercises. Also, be sure to breathe regularly.
  • When exercising with LOOP BANDS, you should exhale at the most intense moment.
  • In case of pain, stop training immediately and consult a specialist.
Delivery Content
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND in green, orange and blue – Fitness elastic 
  • 1 x A7 Manual
Size weight
  • Approx. 32cm x 6cm, 57g (orange)
  • Approx. 32cm x 6cm, 64g (green) 
  • Approx. 32cm x 6cm, 70g (blue) 
  • Washable (60°) with commercial detergents
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Iron at low temperature (level 1)
  • Dry at low temperature (level 1)
  • Do not treat with chlorine, do not subject to chemical cleaning
  • Direct and prolonged exposure to the sun causes the material to age faster
Made in Germany
  • High product quality
  • Made with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified materials 
  • 24 month warranty  
Product Information
  • Unique textile material for high learning comfort
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers, no contact with rubber or latex.
  • Pleasant touch 
  • Solid and very resistant material