• Active Pain Relief Textiles •

Soothe your pain without medication!

Textile made with a fabric at the cutting edge of well-being technology thanks to its integrated bio-active mineral active ingredients

• Healthy textile with multiple benefits •

SOOTHES your pain

RELIEF your muscle tension

OPTIMIZED your joint mobility

REGULATED your acid-base balance

ACTIVE thermoregulation of your body

IMPROVED circulatory problems & edema

Oceanic mineral active
The fibranova® technical fiber integrates the memory of the material in the heart according to the "M-inside" process in a rigorous selection of 3 thousand-year-old sedimentary minerals dating back 180 million years, energetically powerful, extracted from primordial ocean waters. This mineral memory of primitive life energy, once recorded in the wire, is perceived by all living organisms made of water.
Bio-mineral resonance
The fibranova® bio-active fiber allows damaged cells to regain a proper environment for their regeneration and to naturally relieve pain. Thanks to the emission of a biocompatible basifying mineral frequency field which resonates with the water of your physiological liquids, a self-regulation of your acid-base balance is set up, leading to the elimination of acidity site of inflammation in painful areas.
Unalterable property
Fibranova® bio-active pain relieving clothing is the result of a unique French 100% technology that gives the fiber irreversible and permanent properties, which gives them unlimited duration of action and effectiveness despite successive washings.

Our fibranova pain relief ankle braces are the solution for your pain of inflammatory origin.

Our joint and muscle protection knee pads are the healthy solution for your knees ... everything comes naturally

Biocalm pain-relieving band designed to relieve all your headaches (migraines, arnolalgia, neuralgia, etc.)

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