Originally from the city of Sète, Loic LARRIEU is a French professional enduro and motocross rider.

🏆 Loïc holds many titles:
– Enduro World Champion in 2019
– 4 times World Champion by team
– 7 times champion of France

In 2021, he was forced to end his season due to a left knee injury.

Our Cryonov played a major role in his recovery to see him come back stronger. 💪



Orthonov expands its Excell'ICE range with the KHip'Cool belt!

Versatile, it has been specially designed to facilitate recovery after both hip and abdominal surgery.

Ergonomic, it adapts to all approaches, and will best support the patient in his recovery.



Orthonov is proud to present its partnership with the French Athletics Federation.

Find them at the French Elite Athletics Championships in Caen from June 24 to 26, 2022.

Orthonov, Medical Supplier of the FFA! 💪


Enzo Cavallini is a surfer from Guadeloupe who now lives in Capbreton where he spends most of his year when he is not competing. 🏄‍♂️

This talented athlete evolves on the Qualifying Series (the circuit of qualification of the world championship of surfing which makes it possible to reach the World Championship Tour gathering the best professional surfers).

His goal is to qualify for the Challenger Series at the end of the season.

Surfing, as you know, is a risky sport, and unfortunately Enzo sprained his ankle with a nearly ruptured ligament.

Our Cryonov plays a major role in his recovery in order to see him again as soon as possible surfing the most beautiful waves. 💪


New partnership 🤝

Blackroll is a recognized expert in the health market for its beneficial effects in muscle tissue recovery and rehabilitation. 💪

It offers a range of self-massage products that optimize muscle recovery. Thus, there are practical and easy-to-use accessories to improve physical condition and muscle building. 

The products are made in Germany, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. 🍃


Orthonov is proud to present its partnership with the French Ice Hockey Federation (FFHG) .

Special mention to the French women's team which is world champion of the World D1A in Angers! Well done 👏

Orthonov, Official Supplier of the FFHG! 💪


🍃 Eco-responsibility and carbon footprint

Orthonov considers respect for the environment as an essential and sustainable component in its organization. 🌱

All of our production of splints is made in France. 🇬🇧
The splints of the Excell'Ice range are not transported over very long distances, thus making it possible to enhance the short circuit and reduce the carbon footprint of the products. 💪


Orthonov is a partner of the Office of trainees and students (BDSE) of the Institute of Training in Masso-Kinesitherapy for the visually impaired (IFMK dv).

This year the BDSE organized an event whose mission is to improve the visibility and inclusion of the visually impaired among other schools of the IFMK.

Orthonov is proud to have provided support during this day. 💪


Alix Duchet 🏀

 📲 From virtual to real, we met Alix Duchet, French basketball player. ⛹️‍♀️

His record in the French team:

🥈Silver medal at the European Championship in 2021 in France and Spain
🥉Bronze medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo 

Injuries unfortunately did not spare Alix who was operated on once on the ankle but also twice on the meniscus. We are happy to have accompanied and relieved his recovery.

Thank you for this moment of exchange and sharing with you. ☺️


Support for Ukraine 🇺🇦

To deal with the situation in Ukraine, Orthonov is mobilizing to provide assistance to refugees and humanitarian aid on site.

Sensitive to this tragic situation and the human tragedies it engenders, Orthonov wanted to support and show solidarity with the Ukrainian people by offering splints from its range and more than 600 HemaClear tourniquets in collaboration with PROVINCIAL MEDICAL and SURGINOV.


🔔 Orthonov will be present at the 2nd French-speaking day of the SFTS federations in partnership with the French Handball Federation.

A program concocted with the help of many recognized national experts who will explain the main pathologies found in handball and their management. 🤾‍♂️

A congress that promises to be rich in medical knowledge in the field of sports traumatology. 

📆 Meet us on Saturday April 02, 2022 at the Maison du Hand at stand 8 📌


Recovery by Orthonov ❄️

1 year ago, Maud Le Car, a professional surfer, used our Cryo Nov for her ankle injury.

Currently, she is surfing at the same level as before her injury! 💪

Thank you Maud for your trust! ☺️


Massage gun 🍃

The Fascia Gun is designed to accompany you during your training sessions.

First used for muscle warm-up before training to prepare the body for effort.
It allows in a second time to regenerate the muscles effectively after the sports session. 

Thanks to the different intensity levels and accessories, the Fascia Gun allows you to recover faster and more effectively after a workout and thus optimize your performance.


Orthonov is pleased to welcome you to the SFHG 😀


Geronimo partnership 🎿

GERONIMO SPORT ACADEMY is a performance program based on a methodology where training and prevention go hand in hand.

Its vocation is to offer the best conditions to their athletes to ensure their progress, their learning and raise them to the top-level while ensuring their well-being and respecting their physical integrity.

We are delighted to support them in their sports recovery. 💪


Save the date 📆
The Orthonov team will be present at the next edition of the SFHG Spring Days.

📍 See you in Villefranche Sur Mer on March 18 and 19, 2022
The theme of prosthetic hip and knee surgery promises a conference rich in innovation.
We look forward to meeting you there! ☺️


❄️ Rego Ball 🔥
The Regoball has been specially designed to help relieve muscle fatigue and effectively reduce inflammation and pain. It is easy to use and reusable at will. Extreme athletes or just for fun, the Regoball will accompany you everywhere.

2 in 1 🖇
❄️ Cryotherapy is excellent for reducing tissue inflammation and promoting muscle recovery after exercise. 

🔥 The heat will help soothe muscle tension by activating blood circulation, improving the elasticity and relaxation of tissues and muscles.


We recently introduced you to Léonice Huet. 🏸

But do you know his track record?
🥇 French badminton champion in 2018.
🥈Team silver medalist at the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.
🥉 Bronze medalist in single lady at the 2022 French championships this month.

Orthonov is proud to participate in the athletic recovery of this champion. 💪


Interview Léonice Huet 🎙

📲 From virtual to real, we met Leonice Huet French badminton player. 🏸

In this interview we were able to discuss with her about her background and her experience.

Thank you for this moment of exchange and sharing with you. ☺️

Video to be found here:


“Recovery is the key to performance” 💪

You thought you were done with your training? Have you forgotten a crucial step? You still have the muscle recovery phase!
This is unfortunately a phase neglected by amateur athletes because it is seen as a waste of time.

However, just as it is important to accustom our body to exercise and surpass itself, it is just as important when it comes to recovery. So to allow optimal performance, we must maintain and rest our muscles post-workout, and for that nothing better than cryotherapy. ❄️


Today we present to you our brand new product: the Cryo Push.

The Cryo Push is the ideal companion for your sports recovery. 💪

It is light and easy to use.

The cold packs are removable and you can treat 2 areas simultaneously.


Thanks to CMS TV for allowing us to relive the highlights of this 4th congress of the Sports Surgery in Paris. 👍

Congratulations to Alexander HardyYoann BohuDr Olivier GrimaudAlain Meyernicolas lefevre and Antoine Gerometta for the quality of their communications. 👏


🔙 SFA Geneva Congress!

We were delighted to participate in the congress of the Francophone Society of Arthroscopy – SFA, a big thank you for the organization! 👏👍


🇫🇷 Made in France 🇫🇷

Proximity and the short circuit are for us essential elements in the production of our splints #ExcellICE. 📍

The whole team Orthonov is proud to be able to support French manufacturing and to participate in employment in our regions. 🤗

We are committed to respecting and transmitting local experience and know-how. 


Thank you to the French Athletics Federation for the invitation where we were able to show our recovery solutions with Pack Excell'ice🇫🇷 / CRYONOV 🏃‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🤾⛹️‍♂️… and our latest CRYOPUSH💪🤗 exclusives


📆 Conference on the anterior cruciate ligament: surgical, conservative approach and return to running

Join us on Friday, November 19 for a qualitative conference on the anterior cruciate ligament.

✒️ Several key themes will be addressed during this conference:

– To operate or not to operate on patients after an ACL tear? (Dr Jeremy Volante)

– Comparison of different surgical techniques after rupture of the LCAE and avenues for the future (Dr Thibault Noailles)

– ACL surgery and resumption of running (Dr Alexandre Rambaud)

– Resumption of sprinting in ACL operated patients (Dr Arnaud Drouot)



We were delighted to participate in SOFCOT, a big thank you for the organization!

Join us on Friday, November 19 for a conference on the anterior cruciate ligament. 👏👍

Official Sofcot
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The Team TotalEnergies team has opted for a cryotherapy session with our CRYO NOV to prepare Paris Roubaix 💪

thank you for your trust👍



📆 CRYOAC: Orthonov will be there!

The Reference Centers for Complex Osteo-Articular Infections (CRIOAC) are organizing their congress on October 21 and 22!

👉🏼 The theme is the state of the art and the #innovation in the #diagnostic and the #treatment of osteoarticular infections.

We look forward to meeting you there!



ORTHONOV X TROMA virtual conference 💻

See you on October 20 at 2:30 p.m. for an experience sharing with orthopedic surgeons Thibaut Noailles and Alexandre Hardy as well as physiotherapist Florian Breteau.

You will discover Orthonov's new cryotherapy solutions while involving your patients thanks to the digital solution from TROMA.

#conference #webinar #reeducation #reeduca #autoreeducation #kinesitherapy #kinesitherapeute #surgeon #kine #orthonov #webikeo


🔜 Salon Rééduca! 📅

The Orthonov team was there from September 30 to October 2 at the Rééduca trade fair at Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles.

We were able to discuss alongside our new partner TROMA! 🤝

#reeducation #reeduca #autoreeducation #kinesitherapie #kinesitherapeute #kine #partenariat #Rééduca


Orthonov joins forces with Physio-Troma! 🤝

What is Physio-Troma?

️ An ideal tool for effectively monitoring patients in their self-rehabilitation;

️ Optimization of care, allowing you to focus on the essentials of your therapeutic practices;

Contact us to discover the TROMA & Orthonov offer which will allow you to benefit from one year of free subscription to this tool 🤩 

#reeducation #reeduca #autoreeducation #kinesitherapie #kinesitherapeute #kine #partenariat #orthonov


Because Orthonov has a dynamic and motivated team, you could also meet us at the SFHG congress, which took place in Paris!😊

#orthonov #cryotherapy #recuperation #medicine #sport



The Orthonov team was present at the 14th National Congress of Sports Medicine and Trauma in Montrouge!

#orthonov #cryotherapy #recuperation #medicine #sport


Orthonov partner of the Bois d'Arcy half-marathon 🏃️ and at the service of recovery with our cryotherapy products 🥶🤗

#orthonov #cryotherapy 1TP3Recovery


A new concept of cryotherapy and integrated compression, simpler, more efficient and made in France. 🇫🇷

#orthonov #cryotherapy #orthopedics 1TP3 Surgery 1TP3 Orthopedic surgery #reeducation 1TP3Recovery #LCA #ligamentoplasty # prosthesis


#SOO 2021!  📅 

The Orthonov team was present at the congress of the SOO - Orthopedic Society of the West! 🤩

#congres #soo #orthopedics #chirurgie #presentiel # entreprisefrançaise


The Team Total Énergies team is recovering after the Tour de France with Orthonov💪
thank you for your trust👍🚴‍♀️

1TP3Recuperation #cryotherapy #tourdefrance #cycling


🤩 Orthonov is pleased to offer you solutions in the veterinary field. 🤗

#veterinary #cryotherapy #orthopedics #animals #orthopedeterinary



👉 Our Excell'Ice range published for the 30th anniversary of the Orthopedic Mastery journal! 😃

#orthonov #cryotherapy #orthopedics 1TP3 Surgery 1TP3 Orthopedic surgery #reeducation 1TP3Recovery #LCA #ligamentoplasty # prosthesis


Testimony of Doctor Cermolacce:

 »#Covid19 - A sharp drop in surgical operations

There was a mandatory decline in surgical activity:
The French Hospital Federation (FHF) indicated that during the period of Covid 19, the activity of 1TP3 Surgery had been reduced by 58% and 500,000 consultations had not taken place.
“Regarding surgery #orthopedic, the activity of the operating theaters decreased according to the sanitary levels, different according to the severity of the affected regions: alleviating 4, 50% of the activity maintained; bearing 5, 25%. "

#surgeon 1TP3Cheville #sporters – #Paris #Marseille #sportante #chevillesport #sport #hcsmeufr #revoirson doctor
CC Stéphanie Chevrel - from Vaumas / Sophie MALLET/Gaël de Vaumas " 




💥 New from Orthonov! Launch of our alternating compression cryotherapy system: the Cryo Nov 💥

#cryonov #orthonov #cryotherapy #cryotherapy #orthopedics #sport #reeducation #reeducationsportive 1TP3Recovery 1TP3Sports recovery


💥 New Excell'Ice 💥

The Excell'Ice Articulated Knee Brace consists of an articulated knee immobilization splint and cold packs inflatable by means of a manual pump.

It combines the advantages of restraint and cryotherapy 💯

#cryotherapy #cryotherapy 1TP3 Surgery #chirurgiedugenou #kneesurgery #raining 1TP3Recovery 1TP3Sport recovery #excellice


🎉New Excell'Ice: the activity recovery knee brace!

The Excell'Ice recovery knee brace combines the advantages of restraint and cryotherapy✅
It consists of a splint and inflatable cold packs using a manual pump.

The resumption of activity splint offers lateral stabilization with free flexion that accompanies the patient during his rehabilitation 💯

#cryotherapy #cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS #excellice #orthonov #coldcompressive #orthonov 1TP3 Surgery #chirurgiedugenou 1TP3Recovery #reeducation #reeducationsportive



The entire Orthonov team wishes you a Happy New Year's Eve 🤗
Take care of yourself, and see you very soon in 2021! 🎉

1TP3Happy Holidays #joyeuxnoel #noel


🚨 TALARIA: The new solution to treat ankle sprains 👌

An innovation #Orthonov where the cryotherapy pack is associated with the compression chamber.
A flexible device, adapting to all ankles, associated with an immobilization splint for complete support.

Find our splint in the article from the world of the Francophone Society of Arthroscopy - SFA and the French Society of Sports Traumatology of December 10 🤗

#frenchmanufacturer #fabricationfrancaise #madeinfrance #cryotherapy #cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS #excellice #orthonov #compressive #compression #reeducation #raining 1TP3Recovery 1TP3Recovery #entorse 1TP3Cheville #orthopedics 1TP3 Surgery #lemonde #frenchtech


👉 #Orthonov was published in the newspaper Le Monde! 🤩 🎉

We are very proud to share with you this publication of 12/10/2020.
Good reading !

#cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS #ICENOV #orthonov #coldcompressive #orthonov #lemonde 1TP3Item


➡️ Why is the Excell'Ice range so #innovative ? 🧐

We are the only ones to offer cold packs with a chamber of #compression integrated.

This change in design is unprecedented and has the advantage of greatly facilitating and improving the performance of training sessions. #cryotherapy ✅ 👌

#cryotherapy #cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS #orthonov 1TP3 Orthopedic surgery #orthopedics #raining #reeducation 1TP3Recovery 1TP3Recovery #orthopedics


thanks to 4FOOT Solution for this very interesting post 🧐

To optimize your strengthening, consider doing a cryotherapy session with #Orthonov ! 💪

#orthonov 1TP3 Splint #cryotherapy #cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS 1TP3 Orthopedic surgery #orthopedics #raining 1TP3Recovery

Find the whole article in the link below:


👉 Get a head start with Excell'Ice! 🏃‍

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of our new range of cryotherapy splints: Excell'Ice! 💪

Totally innovative and made in #France, they have the advantage of bringing together #contention and the #cryotherapy in one device.

#cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS #orthonov 1TP3 Orthopedic surgery #orthopedics #raining 1TP3Recovery #excellice


📢 New website!
The whole team #Orthonov is proud to present its new website: 😎🤩

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments ↩️ and stay tuned, lots of new stuff will be coming in the coming weeks!

#cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS #ICENOV #orthonov #coldcompressive



🙋‍ Find us live from the SFA digital congress on December 10 and 11! 📅


#cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS #ICENOV #orthonov #coldcompressive #orthonov


👉 Launch of the OPTIMUM Foot Pack! 🚀

The OPTIMUM Foot Pack offers optimal postoperative support for better recovery, thanks to the cryotherapy foot splint #IceNOV ➕ the sock #SONOV ➕ the shower protector.

#cryotherapy #ambulatory #RRAC #RAAC #RESS #coldcompressive #orthonov 1TP3 Surgery #orthopedics #halluxvalgus #foot #percutanee #mis

10/27/2020 - Orthonov

An interesting dossier on robotics in surgery by the National Academy of Surgery


01/10/2020 - Orthonov

👉A particularly interesting interview🧐of Yves Lescure

81% runners could run with a shoe that does not fit them. "

#podology #running #sport #cryotherapy #orthopedics #footing

🎙️ In this episode recorded since #ASICSRunningLabTour, we spoke with Yves Lescure, from Institut National De Podologie, one of the best French specialists in runner's podiatry.

🦶 Far from dogmas and certainties, it is common sense in the field that will allow us to understand what our feet say about us!

🎧 Episode available on all audio streaming platforms and on

9/28/2020 - Orthonov

Many of you came to discover our new products during the Lyon knee surgery days 🤗🤪

A big THANK YOU for your presence, we are continuing the adventure on this positive note and look forward to seeing you at the 20th edition, on September 22 and 24, 2022! 📅 📝

#exhibitionscientific #lyon #knee #cryotherapy 1TP3Recovery #RRAC#RAAC 1TP3 Surgery #orthopedics #days Lyon #chirurgiedugenou

09/02/2020 - Orthonov 

The entire Orthonov team wishes you a back to school in great shape after, we hope, a relaxing holiday!

Get ready, many surprises await you ... 

#Orthonov 1TP3 Splint #cryotherapy #orthopedics 1TP3 Surgery 1TP3 Orthopedic surgery #bonnerentree 


08/10/2020 - Orthonov

A big thank you for your support #orthopedics #cryotherapy

03/09/2020 - Orthonov

Hello and welcome to our news page!

Orthonov specializes in the marketing of compressive cryotherapy splints.
These splints have been designed in partnership with a team specializing in sports and prosthetic surgery and constitute an effective aid in rehabilitation.

They can also be used in post-operative protocols for the management of pain experienced during sprains, tendonitis, muscle strains and other painful pathologies.

For any information, contact us!
1TP3 Splints #cryotherapy 1TP3 Surgery #postoperative